Pygmalion vs My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion vs My Fair Lady

Pygmalion vs My Fair Lady

One Major Theme: One major theme of this story is that our society is mostly based upon social class. If you dress nice and have money, people will likely treat you better than someone who has dirty clothes and no money. Pygmalion/MFL Compare: The book and the movie are similar in many ways because they have the same characters and major story plot.Contrast: The book and the movie differ because sometimes the things they say and do are changed up a bit. Maybe a line is added, dropped, or changed or maybe a new short scene is added. An example is in the movie when Alfred Doolittle met with Eliza and told her about his new money and how he hated it. In the book, he went straight to Higgins and never met with Eliza.

Setting/Time Period: Pygmalion and My Fair Lady both take place in London, England in the early 20th century.6-Word Story: English language is our greatest possession.

Pygmalion/My Fair Lady reflect a creator/created kind of archetype. Higgins is the creator, while Eliza is the created. Higgins shapes and forms Eliza into what he believes is the best that she can be and Eliza grows into that creation throughout the story.

Plot:Henry Higgins, a phonetics professor, comes across a poor and somewhat obnoxious girl, Eliza, selling flowers at a theatre. He sets out to transform her into a duchess by teaching her proper english through a bet made by him and his close friend, colonel pickering. He wins the bet, but tension grows between him and Eliza as she wonders what will become of her in the end.

Main Characters: Eliza DoolittleHenry HigginsColonel PickeringAlfred Doolittle

Text To Self-Comparison: I can relate to pygmalion because sometimes people make fun of my southern accent when I visit other places. Text To Self-Contrast: Although I am similar to Eliza because I have an accent, I am not poor and I do not feel the need to be taught how to speak properly. I like the way I talk and I do not want to change.

Literary Elements:1. Allegory: Bernard Shaw uses clothing to represent the differences in social class during the time period.2. Allusion: The overall reference to the ancient Greek story of Pygmalion.3. Metaphor: Higgins uses this a lot. An example is when he calls Eliza a squashed cabbage leaf.4. Simile: When Higgins compares Eliza to a bilious pigeon because of her obnoxious crying.

Current Event: Americas Middle Class Is Falling Behind(Fareed Zakaria, May 6, 2014) Summary: In 1984, America had the richest middle class in the world. Now, the median income for a person living in the united states is $50,000. This is due to a faster growth in median income for middle class and the poor in other countries. Since the year 2000, the US has barely grown at all. Mostly to blame for this shift in economic growth is the fact that our money goes to fewer people, those at the top. If you give more money to fewer people, you have less left over to give to everyone else. We are losing our middle class social standing all together.


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