Pygmalion vs. MFL

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Pygmalion vs. MFL

PygmalionVs.My Fair Lady

Glog by: Kaila Nascimento

Critical Perspective;Marxist View- At the beginning of the play Mr.Higgins is being shown as the person in power/control.Archetype View- The lover archetype is shown when Freddy shows alot of affection for Eliza.Feminist View- Shaw is showing how Eliza Doolittle is her own person and how she relies only on herself.

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Eliza Doolittle- An uneducated, younger girl who seeks Higgins' help.Mr.Henry Higgins- Older man, who specializes in Phonetics.Mr.Pickering- Former officer, who comes off polite and courteous.

Major Themes of Pygmalion- Don't treat others like they're objects.-Don't let your social class define who you really are.-Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Main Characters

Setting & Time PeriodLondon, England in the early 20th century.6 Word StoryEliza learns how to speak properly.

The major story plot of Pygmalion is about Eliza Doolittle meeting Mr.Henry Higgins, a phonetics professor. Eliza believes Henry can help her with her speech impediment, so she goes to ask him for help. Henry makes the bet that he can turn Eliza into a well spoken duchess.

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Text to Self Comparison & ContrastWhenver I went to Brazil to visit some of my family they all thought I had an accent and that I sounded funny when I would speak out loud. So they would think I was kidding around but really I was speaking English and not Portuguese. So I understand how Eliza felt when everyone would look at her like she had 3 heads when she spoke.In contrast, I've always had everything I needed, from having clean clothes, having running water to shower and being able to see myself in the mirror every day, so I don't relate to Eliza in those aspects.

Foreshadowing is used when Eliza feels like Higgins is a threat to her, because when they first meet he is mysterious and rude to her.Verbal Irony is used thorughout Act 1 and Act 11 because Eliza's misuse of the English language is humorous and therefore ironic.Metaphor is used when Higgins called Eliza a squashed cabbage leaf, because one wouldn't typically refer to a human as a wilted peice of grass.The purpose of the play and the musical is to entertain.

Pygmalion and My Fair Lady are both similar in the plots and the themes. But they are both different because Pygmalion is a play and My Fair Lady is a musicial.

Current EventThis article relates to Pygmalion because like in the article Eliza works hard and has nothing to show for it by the end of her lesson. In America people are working hard and are still living in poverty.


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