Pygmalion / My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion / My Fair Lady

Pygmalion/My Fair Lady

Major ThemesClass: All members of every social class are represented by Shaw.Manners: A matter of how people are treated plays a large role in Pygmalion.Creation: Throughout the play, Higgins constantly expresses the fact that he will transform Eliza into a lady.

Main CharactersEliza DoolittleHenry HigginsColonel Pickering

Literary ElementsAlliteration: "In Hartford, Hereford, and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happened."Tone: Higgins uses an antagonizing tone throughout the story.Conflict: Eliza goes to Higgins and Pickering for help speaking like a lady. She then becomes the gentlemens pet but not without constant arguements and bickering.

PlotTwo linguists, Higgins and Pickering place a bet on whether Higgins can transform a flower girl, Eliza Doolittle, into a lady in six months. They plan to do this by correcting her speech, teaching her manners, etc.

Feminism and MarxismFeminism: "HIGGINS. There! As the girl very properly says,Garn! Don't you know that a women of that class looks a worn out drudge of fifty a year after she's married." This is just one of the many examples of feministic ways women were treated in the 20th century. Marriage was neccessary and expected.Marxist: Pygmalion is all about class relationship and how money allows one to be treated fairly and get to enjoy the finer things in life like a bath or chocolates and at-homes.

Setting/ Time PeriodLondon, England.Early 20th century.

Current EventThe Ebola virus is a grave problem that originated in Sudan, Africa and has infected over 284 people. Mainly staying in Africa, little movement was made for cures until the virus was brought to the United States. This connects to the social class ranking of the world to Pygmalion's class of rank. America has more money than most African countries and can afford the research it would take to find solutions.

Pygmalion/ My Fair LadyDifferences-Eliza returns to Higgins in My Fair Lady. In Pygmalion, she marries Freddy and does not return.-Eliza is brought to the horse races instead of to Mrs. Higgins as a training for the ambassadors's party.Similarities-Eliza reacted the same about bathtime.- In certain scenes the dialogue is exactly the same as in the book.

Text to Self CompareI am from the middle class and am friends with others in a higher class and regularly feel the difference. Also, since I am from a southern location where most have accents that are hard to understand, i emphathize with Eliza.

Text to Self ContrastNowadays, manners are important but not to an extreme to where subject should be avoided. I can talk about anything whereas Liza has to stick with the weather and health in high class situations.Liza fights Higgins thoughtout her lessons but went to him for speech therapy. Eliza and I are different because I would want to improve and finish my lessons as soon as possible rather than dragging them on.


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