Pygmalion and My Fair Lady

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Pygmalion and My Fair Lady

A young, poor girl named Eliza sells floweres to make a living. Her father is also in the lower social class. Eliza meets two men who are speech experts. They make a bet they can change her into something new. She works for weeks to perfect her speech. She passes off as a Dutchess.

Pygmalion and My Fair Lady Erin Harp

Miss Eliza Doolittle-She is cockney girl who sells flowers. She begins taking speech lessons from a speech expert. She is a dynamic character, undergoing a significant change. Colonel Pickering- A speech expert who studied in India. Becomes friends with Higgins. He is a static character. Henry Higgins- Higgins in a speech expert who gives lessons. He makes a bet and transforms Eliza. He is able to pass her off as a Dutchess.

The story takes place in London in the early 1900's.

The grass is always greener elsewhere.

Literary Elements~Archetype-Eliza and Higgins can be defined in the roles of student and teacher. ~Asyndeton-The way the Eliza speaks in the beginning of the story leaves out many conjuctions and other uses of proper grammar. ~Connotation-The words and phrases Higgins uses to refer to Eliza are used as slang words during this time and carried a very negative connotation. ~Negative Capability-Eliza and Higgins are in love but never act on it and Eliza finally moves on to marry Freddy.

A moth transformed into a butterfly

This story is strongly criticized for its anti-femenism story line. Eliza in introduced as an uneducated and dirty woman with no class. Eliza meets Higgins and he transforms her into a "lady". Higgins begins telling her she sould marry since she is now more desirable than she was in her former state. When Higgins no longer has a use for Eliza her cuts her off and eventually realizes he was very dependent on her which does represent the feminist ideas.

There are many themes that can be seen through out the book. One of the most prominent is social class. Mr. Higgins is of the higher class while dolittle is of the lower class. Love is also a part of this story. Higgins turns Eliza into a woman that is now "fit to be married" and refuses to admit his love for her.

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Major theme

In Pygmalion, when Higgins thinks that Eliza is ready to attend a social event, they go to Mrs. Higgins stay home day. In My Fair Lady they attend the horse races. In both of the stories, she talks about the death of her aunt form influenza. In Pygmalion, the characters meet in a church. In My Fair Lady they all meet in a train station type area.

My Fair Lady hold extreme relevance in today's society. In the beginnin of the story Eliza is content with her life and views herself as a lady. When she finally meets Higgins, he tells her she isn't a lady at all and that she is a "squashed cabbage leaf" which eventually leads her to believe thats what she is. This is much like bullying on social media today. Since the creation of social media, suicude rates have gone up significantly. People who are told over and over again that they aren't good enough begin to believe it.

I am similar to Pickering in the fact that I am very quiet and generally only speak up when I am very strongly against something. I am very different from him in the idea that I am generally very intolerant of self centered people like Higgins. I am similar to Eliza because we are both very proud of ourself but differnt because she listens to Higgins a lot. I generally don't care what others think of me and would never have paid someone to tell me how to speak.


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