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Bernard Shaw

Main Characters

Pygmalion takes place in London, England during the early twentieth century. The play however, is confined to three main locations; Covent Garden, Wimpole Street, and Mrs. Higgins home.

The play opens on a rainy night in Covent Garden, with Eliza Doolittle, a common flower-girl, selling her flowers to people walking out of the theater. This is when she encounters Professor Higgins, a phoneticist who she will be staying with for the next six months learning to speak properly. During the course of her stay, Eliza goes to several social gatherings, not only to practice speaking, but also to learn societal do's and don'ts of the upper class.

Higgins teaches Eliza to speak eloquently

One of the major themes in Pygmalion is that manners and language are more important to moving up the social ladder than having money.

My Fair Lady-Compare/Contrast

Six Word Story

There are several differences between the book and the movie. The first difference is that the movie is a musical and the book is a drama. Another difference is that in the movie they added a scene with Eliza going to a horse race. The endings were also different. At the end of the book, Eliza declares her freedom and leaves Higgins, but in the movie, Eliza is seen going back to Higgins' house.

Jan Koum, a Ukranian native, immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1990's. He came over with almost nothing. Living on welfare and food stamps, calling back home got to be a huge expense. He wanted to find a way to cut down costs on long distance calls which is just what he did. In 2009 he founded Whatsapp, he owns 45% of the business which means that his networth comes to almost $7 billion.

Allegory-Feminism/MarxismMetaphor-Higgins comparing Eliza to a squashed cabbage leafStereotype-Mr. Doolittle is a stereotype of the poor classTone-differing tone to show the difference between Eliza and Higgins



Current EventWhatsapp founder: Food Stamps to Billionaire

Literary Devices

Pygmalion can be seen at a feminists perspective because at the end of the book Eliza says she is never going to see Higgins again. This would tell the audience that she is strong, independent, and that she doesn't need a man to rely on.

Feminist Perspective

I would compare myself to Mrs. Pearce because we are both calm and collected and try to find a logical explanation to fix a problem. I would contrast myself to Higgins because unlike me, Higgins is always insulting everyone and treating them like "squashed cabbage leafs."

Text to Self Compare/Contrast

1. Eliza Doolittle: common flower-girl that learns to speak properly2. Higgins: Eliza's teacher3. Colonel Pickering: a retired officer who helps Higgins in his experiments on Eliza4. Alfred Doolittle: A dustman and member of the "undeserving poor"5. Mrs. Pearce: Mr. Higgins house maid6. Mrs. Higgins: Henry Higgins' mother who disapproves of his social behavior7. Freddy: A young man that immediatley becomes captivated by Eliza Doolittle

Book Plot


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