Pyeongchang Olympics

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Pyeongchang Olympics

2018 Pyeongchang winter olympic will had on 2018 Feb 9th~25th at Pyeongchang-Gun. The opening seremony and the more of the game will be done at Pyeongchang-Gun.Ice sports will be done at Gangneung-Gun, and alphoon sky downhill race will be done at Jungsun-Gun.Becaunse of this,people begun to have interest in Pyeongchang since this is the first for Korea to be chosen, and third in Asia.

Kim-yuna, gold medalist in figure of 2010 Vancouver winter olympic, retired after gaining silvermedal in 2014 sochi winter olympic last year. she is in charge of advertisement for the Pyeongchang winter olympic since november 2014 which is her first project. She said it is her greatest worknow and she will doher best for 3 years for the winter olympic because there are lack of interest about winter sports in our nation She said it is very important our people have a interest in olympic in opening ceremony for 1000 days.

Pyeongchang Olympic

honorary ambassador

olympic stadium

she is the speed skating national team. sochi winter olymics and the athIetes won a 500m gold medal at the vancouver winter olympics. she is the strongest player in the deunggekhan establish a new world record of 36seconds of the first 36speed skating athletes korea.The player is expected to be active in the pyeongchang olympics.

The winter games are included in the olympic games in London was the first time the figure skating 4th. The enactment Russia won the gold medal was the largest As home. Article 7 after the first world war the ice hockey tournament in Antwerp in addition to figure skating has became more. The International olympic committee meeting of the next year of 1921 was a proposal to hold a full -fledged winter competition.

Origin of the olympic winter

Korean player Sang hwa Lee


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