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Health Care for Everyone

World Hunger Ends

No More Homelessness

My Perfect World

Reid Wilson

4th Period

The Perfect World

Ending world hunger would begin with giving farmers incentives to produce more food. As more food is produced, third world countries will be able to feed their entire population. Countries will come up with their own plan to distribute food among people, so that everyone can go without being hungry.

In order to stop homelessness, available land must be used to build homeless shelters and exisiting unoccupied buildings must be repaired to set up a temporary home for the homeless. Once the homeless are in the shelter, they must be forced to attend job training and look for work. Once they are able to find a source of income,they will remain in a homeless shelter until they can find a permanent home.

Eventually the governments of many countries will realize how many people have died because they lacked sufficient health care. The UN will then agree to a law that forces the governments of these countries to provide free health care for all of its citizens and to pay for any health-related expenses given to the citizens.

In order to increase access to education, colleges must be willing to admit more students. The government must also support this idea by paying for all college related expenses or by making public universities free to the students who attend.



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