Pursuit of my identity

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Pursuit of my identity

The one thing that makes you, you.You’re known by something unique and different. It’s what makes you who you are, what people know you by, like a trademark. The one thing that makes me, me—that I’m most passionate about, is traveling and reading. I love going to all the different places around the world and seeing all the different people and cultures, and I love reading. It takes you to a different place, where the impossible is possible. It brings your imagination to life. It could be realistic, fiction, romance, action and anything else. There are endless possibilities.

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Where I see myself in twenty yearsIn twenty years anything could happen. Everything can change. I could end up being the opposite from who I am now. But for now, in twenty years, I see myself being a psychologist in downtown London, in the busy streets, in the center of all the action. If I can, I'd have a side job in photography and/or literature. I want to have a huskie, since I’ve always loved animals. As much as I like those old houses I’d much rather live in a homely and cozy modern/rustic loft. For a car, I'd have a sleek black Range Rover. Hopefully, if things work out, I’ll be married, and maybe have a child.

Favourite memoryA thought you remember, yet so much more. It holds your emotion captive in your own little world. Without we are nothing, without it we know nothing, it makes us who we are, and shapes us into who we are to be. I've have many great memories from throughout my life. My favorite one would probably be when my dad and step-mom took me to Punta Cana with my two bestfriends and their family (parents and brother). It was the march break of 2013 and I had a great time. We went parasailing, we went on boat rides and we played beach volleyball. We also did many different exexcursions.



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