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My learning styles are visual and kinesthetic. I agree with both of these results because I do prefer to see something and depending on the task, I like to use my hands to learn. For many tasks, if you tell me I will not remember. When I do something for myself, I will usually remember the skill faster.

My dominant color is blue. This means that I like to see harmony in the workplace, or classroom. I enjoy watching people. I'm curious about what they are doing and why. I will sit and make up stories about them as I watch what they are doing. My lowest color is gold. That surprises me because I am ok with clutter, live in the now and don't really like to plan!When I was 26 and took this test, gold was my highest. I am not sure if age, experience and motherhood has changed me or if my results are skewed!

Old Faithful!

Positive Characteristics

Mrs. Pursley North Ridge Middle

Education's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.Malcolm Forbes



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    The shark is just sleeping...

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    Mrs. Pursley I really like your pictures.
    Hannah Johnson