Purple Loosestrife

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Purple Loosestrife

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Previous controls have been found to be non effective.

Nonnative plant that threatens significant portions. Such as marsh, swamp,and coastal habitats.

Purple Loosestrife

They came from North American wetlands early nineteenth century, contanmmant of European ship ballast medical herb.

They spread in the 1830's along the New England seaboard as of 1996 it's found in all staes except Florida & Canada.

Managed by water manipulation, cutting down, mowing, and also burning.

Purple loosestrife is highly invasive and forms dense, monotypic stands thatreduce both plant and wildlife diversity. It is not a desirable food or habitat for wildlife,provides poor spawning habitat, and clogs drainage ditches.

Purple loosestrife is a stout, hardy perennialmost easily identified by purple to magenta flowers thatappear from late June to September. Flowers are five to sixpetaledand are crowded on long terminal spikes. Leaves arelinear, smooth-edged, and hairy.



Limitingthe spread of purple loosestrife infestations and minimizing the impacts of infestationsare much more difficult than preventing introductions.


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