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Purl Gaberdine

Purl Gaberdine~ District 8

My name is Purl Gaberdine and I am fourteen years old. I have amazing survival skills and I am adopted. My adopted mom had a miscarraige while she was pregnant and her husband had died only weeks before. She decided to adopt a year later. I was three months old and my brother was two when we where dropped off at the community home. We lived there for almost three years, barely scrapping by, we both almost lost our lives to starvation. When I was three, we both got adopted by Chevlown. After getting adopted, I met my cousin, Spike. Spike is sixteen years old and he is my only family member that I know about that's still alive other then Chevlown. I love to read about survival, I have a couple books that I was lucky enough to save up for and buy. I also love to write, although I write more about fiction than about survival. I have also written a couple of children's books that I have given to the little ones at my school and around my neighborhood. Originally, I started to write when my brother died, I thought it would help me to express my feelings in a way I could'nt if I spoke about it. I read about survival so that I will know how to survive and so that I will be prepared if I ever had to enter the annual Hunger Games. I will not go down without a fight. I also read these books so that I can help my mother and myself to survive in this awful place we have to call home. Although I have never used a real weapon before, I would say that I can use a spear with minimal diffaculty. I have a makeshift spear hidden in my room that I practice with when I'm not busy, its really fun, I really love using the spear. even though its only my mother an I and my mother works ten hours a day, I had to get a job when I was eleven. since we live in the poorest part of the district. So, to earn extra money for my mother and I, I decided to sew clothes and sell them to the towns people, it's not the worst job, its pretty entertaining. I was going to sign up for tessare when I was twelve, but my mother would'nt let me, she didnt want to have to lose the last person thats alive that she loved, other then her nephew Spike, to the Capitol. You can learn more about my family, freinds and myself below.

Age: fourteen years oldBirthday: October 28th 3012Occupation: SewearStatus: single

Family membersBrother- deceased- would now be 16- Tweed Gaberdine. Died at age 10 after stealing a loaf of bread from the bakery. It was during a time when we where running low on supplies and food, Tweed was to young to work and so was I so he went into town and stole a loaf of bread. He was publicly executed that day.Birth mother- unknownBirth father- unknownMother- 41- Chevlown GaberdineFather- deceased- would now be 43- Mostich Gaberdine- died while Chevlown was pregnant when he was 31. He died from being shot by a peacekeeper 3 weeks before Chevlown was due. Not much else is known.Cousin- 16 years old- Spike Pierce- also adopted. Not blood related, his dad was my moms brother so he is my moms nephew so he is my 'step' cousinAunt- Saphire Pierce- 32Uncle- deceased- River Pierce- would now be 40- died at age 34.

FriendsI don't have many friends. My best freind is also fourteen and her name is Velvintine. Velvintine has beautiful copper hair and blueish-green eyes, she loves to cook and has three younger siblings and one older sibling. Both her parents are still alive and they both work at the main factory. I have one other friend, but she is not with us anymore. She would be fifteen now, she is a year older than me and I met her at the community home, when I got adopted we still hung out since we went to the same school. Unfortunately, she never did get adopted. When she was thirteen, she was reaped to enter the games. It was my first reaping and I was absolutly terrified that I would get picked, but instead, one of my best freinds did. I tried to volunteer but she pushed me back and would'nt let me go up. She died on the third day due to hypothermia. The arena was a complete iceland with a volcano covered in snow in the middle of the arena serving as the cornucopia, most tributes died of dehydration or hypothermia that year. It was awful having to watch her die on screen and there was nothing I could do. That was the 68th Hunger Games two years ago.

Favourite quotes"I don't trust words, I trust actions""Fear is only a state of mind, it can be contolled""The capitol is probably, no, definitely the worst place on earth""I am and I will, Watch me!""Find a place with joy and the joy will drown out the pain"

Interests/hobbiesThrowing a spear- I like to practice at home so I'll be prepared if I get reaped into the games.Sewing- I like to sew, and I sew to create clothes to sell to the towns people to keep my mother and I alive.Reading- I love to read about survival so that I will be prepared if I get reaped and so that I can keep my my mother and I alive.Writing- I love to write because it lets me express my feelings that I can't talk about, I also love to write because I love to see the little kids faces light up when I give them a book.

AdvantagesI would say that I am good with a spear.I have excellent survival skills.Great and rare ability to tell a persons distance through the sound they're making (great hearing)

DisadvantagesOnly trained with a spear, no other weapon.I am not the best runner, I cannot run for very long or very fast.Am very sensitive towards animals, I can't bear to see them in pain.

About District EightDistrict 8 is part of the country of panem which is made up of twelve living districts, one oblivirated district known as district thirteen, and the Capitol. District 8's main industry is textiles and our main export's are clothing that gets sent directly to the capitol. We also supply the Capitol with peacekeeper uniform's. My district has one main factory that is used to make the peacekeepers uniforms. Many teens work at that factory in order to sustain their family. Almost all adults that work, work at that factory. We have one other factory, this factory is used to create clothing for the Capitol men, women, and children. It is a smaller factory, with probably around 200 workers. District 8 has very little greenery. My district is full of gravel and cement. We have very little grass and no forests, barely any trees even, inside the district boundary.

Personal traitsTough outside, but very sensitive inside.I am a fighter, and a hard one.Friendly, but don't have many friends because I don't want to be used


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