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Punished Book Report

Author: David LubarDavid Lubar has written more than 20 books including the series Nathan Abercrombie: Accidental Zombie, the Weenies Short Story Collection, and Numbed (the sequel to Punished!). He lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and daughter.

Title: Punished!

GenreThe genre of this book is fantasy. I know that it is fantasy because a man in the book blows magic dust on Logan that makes him speak only in puns and that could never really happen in real life. Also, a few objects in the book disappear when Logan places them in a bag.

SettingThere are several settings in the book. The book mostly takes place at Logan’s house, at his school, and in the library.

BookreportBy: The Fourth Grade ELA Teachers



What you think about the Book?

This book is about a boy named Logan who bumps into an old man in the reference section of the library. Logan quickly says sorry, but the man says make sure that you mean it and he suddenly blows dust at Logan. The dust causes Logan to speak completely in puns. A pun is a joke that plays with homophones and homonyms. Logan’s family, teachers, and friends (especially his best friend Bennedict) are getting annoyed with Logan. In order to end his PUNishment, Logan needs to complete 3 Word Quests. Read to find out if Logan completes the quests.

The theme of this story is to make sure that you think carefully before you speak. I know this because when Logan bumped into the old man he said sorry, but clearly didn’t mean it because he ran off immediately.

I really enjoyed this book. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it an 8. One reason why I liked the book was because it was a quick read. All of the chapters were really short which I like because it makes me feel like I am making a lot of progress in the book and because I prefer to stop reading at the end of a chapter which is easy when the chapters are short. I also thought that it was a funny book. One part that was really funny was when Logan was sent to the principal for speaking in puns in the classroom and, because of the curse, he kept speaking to the principal in puns. I also think that this is a good book because it teaches readers about oxymorons, palindromes, and anagrams.

Favorite Character: Professor Wordsworth was tall with wire rimmed glasses, a long beard, and a spooky grin. I liked him the best because he was mysterious. For instance, he disappeared several times throughout the book when Logan turned his head. He also had magic dust. I also think a character trait for him is intelligent because he knows a lot about words. Additionally, he is responsible because he wants to teach Logan a lesson in the book. I also like the professor’s last name because he believes that words are worth a lot.

Onomatopoeia - In Chapter 2, the word WHACK is used on page 15 to show the sound of when Benedict tagged Logan.Simile - There are several examples of a simile in Chapter 7. One of them was on page 68 and said, “I felt a tugging, like the bag was giant magnet and the drawing was a paper clip.”I noticed another simile on page, 77, it said, “They lay there looking like exhausted worms.”

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