[2015] Laura Braegelmann: Punic Wars

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[2015] Laura Braegelmann: Punic Wars

Punic Wars

Before the War:Carthanians believed in the art of Human Sacrafice and therefore murderd thousands of Afircan babies. After many years, the Romans grew tired of this tradition. Thus, the Punic Wars began.

The 1st War:Romans built warships in oder to attack the Carthanians by sea. They used ladder-like bridges to jump to the Carthanian ships and fight by sword. The Romans won and required Carthage to surrender their treasure.

The 2nd War:Hannibal was a Carthanian general that led his undefeated troops throughout the Roman Empire. Alas the Roman general, Scipio, attacked the city of Zama where Hannibal was finally defeated and Carthage was forced to surrender all of its treasure once again.

The 3rd War:Tiberius and the Roman's attacked Carthage and tried to breech their walls. The Carhanians fought dirty to keep them out, but eventually the Romans entered inside and began slaughtering. After 6 days of fighting the Carthanians finally surrendered.

About:The Punic Wars were a series of three wars between two powerful ancient civilizations: Carthage and Rome

Wars took place from 265BC-146BC

Ending the War:After Carthage surrendered, the Roman army burnt the entire Carthanian empire to the ground and sold all of the Carthanian survivors as slaves to ensure no one would ever remember Carthage.


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