[2015] Carly VanWatermulen: Punic War

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[2015] Carly VanWatermulen: Punic War

Punic Wars

The First PunicWar

The First Punic War

The SecondPunic War

The Second PunicWar

The Third PunicWar

The Third PunicWar

The Romans crossed of the strait of Messina.Mamertines had taken over the city of Messana and the Romans were concerned that the Cathaginians would get power across all the land.The Romans lacked in their navy so they created a corvus to attach to their warships.The Romans decided to build a huge fleet of ships and invade Africa. They won a naval battle at Cape Ecnomus.Carthagnian commander was very successful in fighting the Romans but was forced to leave.Rome won the 1st Punic War.

240-201BCCarthage had to pay their mercenary soldiers for the First Punic War, but they also had to pay for the many damages. This means the soldiers were getting paid less. This created the Mercenary War.Hamilcar leader for Carthage moved to Spain to gain more territory. But, Hamilcar eventually died in battle and his son Hannibal took over. Rome declared war on Carthage and sent an army to Spain. Hannibals army include 37 war elephants to defeat Rome. Although about half died on the journey. Rome then elected a dictator.

The Roman dictator Fabius decided that the best way to beat Hannibal was to deprive him from victory. During the Battle of Cannae Hannibals army completely destroyed the Romans. Hannibal decided to march towards Rome to make the city surrender. Now Rome decided to take the war to Carthage. The final battle of war was near Zama in Africa. Scipio was now the leader of the Romans and he defeated Hannibal at Zama.

149-146BCRome was victorious after the 2nd Punic War and Carthage had been reduced to a small area in Africa. But, Rome had a problem for the first time in history. The soldiers had been away at war for long periods of time and, their home had been taken over. Rome's solution to this was to send the soldiers back to war, but this time aganist Phillip V ofMacedonia.Rome fought using the legion formations, which was made up of smaller units. While, the Macedonians used a phalanx, which was a large group formation.

While Rome was at war, Carthage ws not able to form an army but, decided to attack Masinissa. Rome was on the way to help Carthage defeat Masinissa. A Roman general Cato, who was sent to Carthage to resolve problems, returned to Rome with a fig. The fig was a symbol showing Rome that Carthage was prosperous. The 3rd Punic War was a seige of the city of Carthage. The Romans killed all the men and enslaved the women and children. The city was then burnt to the ground.Thus ending the Carthaginian civilation

264-241 BCThe First Punic War was a conflict between Rome and Carthage that took place on the island of Sicily.Carthage was originally settleed by Phoenicians and these people were great sailors.Rome was had been exapnding over the years and was becoming an empireThe Romans launched the first attack on the Carthage people


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