Pull factors of the little red dot

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Pull factors of the little red dot


I think that the Singapore education is not as competitive as that in China, thus it is less stressful studying in Singapore. The A Level certificate can be used widely in the world as compared to certs in China.

-Singapore ranked fifth in global education survey-Literacy rates in Singapore is 96.5% -Students from Singapore have performed best in the OECD PISA assessment of creative problem solving . Students are reportedly quick learners, highly inquisitive and able to solve unstructured problems in unfamiliar contexts.-Tuition fees are less than many other asian nations and scholarship grants and fellowship abound for international students.-Bilingualism giving us an edge over the rest by allowing effective communication


Singapore is very near the equator thus sheltered from most of the natural disasters that afflict neighboring countries and the rest of the world


There are limited jobs back in Indonesia. Working in Singapore give me a more stable income to raise my family back home.

-Best country to work in as voted by its labour force according to a survey conducted by the World Economic Forum-Best business environment in Asia Pacific and the world as well as the world easiest place to do business- Singapore has got a strong currency thus foreign workers will earn more than what they will back in their countries.


Singapore is a multi-racial, multi-national and multi-religious country, while my place of orgin is not. People here also very open-minded and easygoing.


Pull factors of the little red dot

- Singapore has the 3rd lowest crime rate of 12.72% in the world , as of 2014.-Singapore was ranked 2nd safest out of the 99 countries in a rule of law study.-Singapore ranked 3rd for its criminal justice system.

Being a multi-racial society, Singapore is home to a collage of communities , culture and religions, each is accompanied by a rich heritage that dates far back. Beyong just co-existing with one another , there is also mutual respect and this can be seen in daily interactions and festive celebrations.

Coming to work in Singapore has given me extra opportunities and platforms to better develop my interests and abilities in my job. This have aided my career as a director.


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