Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican culture

Puerto Rican fast facts

Puerto Rico yourself

1. Puerto Rico has 2 official languages. What are they?2. Who "discovered" the island in 1493? What other explorer colonized it?3. What country is Puerto Rico a part of andwhat is it's status (state, province, etc)?

4. What food item is a plantain most similar to?5. La bomba y plena is a type of traditional PuertoRican music. What continent did it come from &what is the main instrument used?6. What do Puerto Ricans call their local cuisine &what does that term mean?


7. What are the traditional colors of a vejigante costume?8. In the city of Loiza, what are the vejigante masks made from? What are they made from in the city of Ponce?


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