Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans take their arts and crafts very seriously, whether they were school-taught or self taught. Anyone who is serious always goes to the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture in the Dominican Convent in Old San Juan. Apparently, it’s the best source of information about the islands new and traditional arts and crafts. The arts and crafts include paintings, artistic posters, and santeros which are carved religious figures, and very traditional.

Fun Facts: - Its name means: Rich Pot - Became a colony of the United States in 1898- It’s roughly the size of Connecticut

Puerto Rico

This is the main site!

La bandana de Puerto Rico!

This is what the local food looks like.

-----------------------Traditional Puerto Rico dance and Music, influenced but Spanish, West Africa, and Taiano.----------- Food consist of tasty ingredients like papaya, cacao, apio, plantains, and yippee.-------------------------------Clothing in Puerto Rico is very trendy. It's ussualy bright, a loose fitting. The traditional dance outfits. Women where big, puffy, solid colored skirts, with white blouses. Men where white pants, whites long sleeve shirts, and colored belts around their waist, colored to match the women’s skirt that their dancing with. They also wear a straw hat, while women put solid colored flowers in their hair to match their skirts.

http://gopuertorico.about.com/od/thelocal/tp/folklore.htm speaks of a famous, and life saving legend.La Rogativa:A beautiful sculpture in a quiet corner of Old San Juan depicts a solemn religious procession, commemorating one of Puerto Rico's most endearing historic tales. In 1797, Sir Ralph Abercrombie and Admiral Henry Harvey led a British attack on Puerto Rico. Heavily outnumbered, San Juan's soldiers manned their posts while Abercrombie's troops advanced from the east. The outcome of the battle looked bleak, and the citizens of Old San Juan gathered for a religious procession.Legend has it that Abercrombie's men saw the light from many torches in the distance and mistook the procession for a troop of Spanish reinforcements arriving to deliver the city. Deciding that he didn't have the strength to overcome them, the British withdrew.

-Puerto Rico's national sport is baseball. The island has been a great source for many U.S. major-league players. Boxing and basketball are also muy popular. The island also has cock fighting, and thoroughbred horse racing events, which are well attended, and where gambling is permitted.

By: Erin Schuessler

Its National Anthem is La Borinqueña.

Currency: US DollarPopulation: 3.6 millionLocation: Northeastern carribbean, east of Dominicaian Republic.Languages: Spanish/EnglishCapital City: San Juan


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