Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico

Time line of Puerto Rico4000 years ago-Ortoroid culture430-250 B.C.-Saladoid culture1000 A.D.-Taíno culture, chief AgüeybanáSpanish Rule 1493-1898• Most of the 18th and 19th century, Cuba and Puerto Rico were the last two Spanish colonies of the New World• 1815 King Ferdinand VII of Spain approved the Spanish Royal Decree of Graces(Cédula Real de Gracias) which granted Cuba and Puerto Rico and Cuba the rights to have commercial ties with other countries• Puerto Rico was largely undeveloped until 1830• 1898 during the Spanish-American war, Puerto Rico became possession of the United States of America1900- Foraker act granted civil government to Puerto Rico1917-Jonas act, Puerto Ricans became U.S citizens1952- Puerto Ricans got the democratic elections

Puerto Rico is located in the Northeastern Carribean. Puerto Rico means "Rich Port" in Spanish. Also this county enjoys a tropical climate.

Puerto Rico

By, Francisco Oller

Asopao, a traditional Puerto Rican dish.

Puerto Rico's capital, San Juan.

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Juan Ponce de Leon.Conquistador of Puerto Rico

Tembleque, a traditional Puerto Rican dessert, a firm custard.

Oscar Ortiz's painting

Iglesia de San Juan, a gothic style building built in San Juan by Friars in the 1350's

Old San Juan is in the heart of San Jan. It is the oldest place in Puerto Rico

Ramon Emeterio Betances was considered to be "El Padre de la Patria" which means Father of the Puerto Rican nation. He was also a nationalist and a sergion.


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