Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico

GovernmentThe Puerto Rican government is similar, but different, to our American society. Even though Puerto Rico does belong to the U.S. it still has its own government and elections. Puerto Ricans do have a vote in U.S. national elections however, they do hold their own elections for their government and society. Puerto Ricans have the same exchange rate and currency as the U.S., which makes it easier for travel. Tourism provides most of the jobs for the island because of the amount of visitors they have each year.

FestivalsFestivals are a big part of Puerto Rican history by the way they celebrate special days, and express dancing and music. One of the most famous Puerto Rican festivals is the Pablo Casals Festival. It was founded in 1956 and is thrown in honor of Pablo Casals, a famous musician. The reason he is so popular today is because he brought different styles of music to Puerto Rican history and taught them different genres of songs. The Puerto Rican’s thank him every year by throwing a giant festival in his honor that is filled with cultural activities and a concert of Pablo’s songs that he wrote.

Welcome To Puerto Rico!Puerto Rico is a warm hearted sunny country where there are beautiful beaches and friendly people. Ranging 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit year round, this place is one to slip on your flip flops and chill at the beach. On this island there are many activities for family fun and adventure. Some places including the Rio Camuy Cave Park showing one million year old caves is a great place for excitement and history. Also, enjoy some fresh Puerto Rican food like beans and rice with a side of plantains (banana like food) that will fill your tummy! Water sports are also popular like surfing, swimming, and paddle boating that our fun for the whole family! Feel free to come to this Caribbean island where you will not regret visiting! -Culture Grams/Lonely Planet

Fun Facts-Puerto Rico has a population of 3,690,923, ranked 130 in the world-Uses the U.S. money for its currency-Things, like food, are more expensive here because they are imported from mainland, so it costs more-A favorite game in Puerto Rico is dominoes-The most used vehicle for transportation is a Publico, which are large taxis that fit 6 passengers-Culture Grams

Travel InfoBecause of Puerto Rico’s amazing weather, you’re probably not going to want to bring a jacket and boots! This entire island is surrounded by the Caribbean and Atlantic Ocean with dry southern coasts and fertile northern coastal plains. Being around this landscape all the time tells you, you might want to pack some summer clothes including a bathing suit! Also, you might want some sneakers and a raincoat for frequent showers. Altitude sicknesses might affect health but don't worry there is many hospitals on the island as well as 4 medical schools! Most of all though, don’t forget SUNSCREEN! -Culture Grams

El Yunque RainforestThis rainforest is an amazing physical feature of Puerto Rico’s landscape. Taking up 28,000 acres of land, this rainforest is definitely one to see. It rounds up to 600,000 visitors per year, also containing 150 fern and 240 tree species along with several animal species here and there. -Culture Grams

Puerto Rico

Totem TeluricoThis famous sculpture made by Jaime Suarez, is a popular visited landmark in Puerto Rico. On it, has over 5 centuries of Puerto Rican history written on the side of the pole. Most Puerto Ricans see it as a cultural affirmation to past, present, and future.-Culture Grams

San JuanSan Juan, Puerto Rico’s capital city, is filled with beautiful beaches, shops, and many fun activities. San Juan has a population of 400,000 people with one of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. In this city there is also many historic sites, such as Old San Juan, where one of the oldest places in the world is today.-Culture Grams


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