Pueblos homes and their enviornment

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Pueblos homes and their enviornment

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Pueblo HomesPueblo homes were made of wood, clay, stone and rock. They were built into caves to help avoid heat. There house structure represent the tribes tie to nature and their adaption to the harsh desert enviornment.

The fact that the houses were built one ontop of each other means that they were a very close community always working together for the benefit of the group.

-Pueblo s lived in the American Southwest, having to face the harsh enviornment of the dessert. Temperatures were as high as 120 degrees farenheit, and at night as low as 25 degrees farenheit. Their homes were designed to keep the cool in during the day, and at night, to keep the heat in. -The Pueblos built their homes one on top of another, and inter connected with ladders made of bone and wood (local materials available). They designed their homes this way to symbolize the "One-Ness" of the earth.

What Were The Pueblo houses built out of and what does it say about their culture?


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