Pueblo Indians

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Pueblo Indians

There weren't many animals to hunt. 80% of their diet was made up of Indian Corn. The women spent most of their day grinding flour.

Beans were soaked in large jars, but instead of putting them over a fire, they dropped hot rocks in the jars.

These Southwest Native Americans originate from Arizona, New Mexico,Southern Colorado, & the northern part of Mexico. The Pueblo people are decendents of the Anasazi people. The Southwest was very dry, so they needed to get every drop of water they could.

The Pueblo Tribe

The Pueblo lived in structures made of semicircular masonary

Pueblo Indians did not travel by canoes, they traveled by foot instead. Later on they started using horses, but still relied on foot.

The Pueblo Indians were great farmers. They were able to grow, Corn, Beans, Squash, Wheat, and Peppers. But, their specialty was Indian Corn.


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