Pudget Sound

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Pudget Sound

Puget Sound Marine Ecosystem

Flora and FaunaFauna1.Orca 2.Harbor Seal3.Dungeness Crab4.Giant Pacific Octopus5.Crystal Jellyfish6.Chinook Salmon7.Giant Plumose Anenome8.Sunflower StarfishFlora1.Bull Kelp2.Eelgrass3.Giant Kelp

211 different fish species 100 sea bird species.13 types of marine mammals. 2,800 miles of inland marine waters.2,500 miles of shoreline.19 river drainage basins.Average depth: 450 feet.Deepest point: 930 feet.

Adaptations of Killer Whales:They can swim very fast (up to 30 mph) to catch prey.Can easily glide through water with use of dorsal fin and pectoral flippers.Blubber for warmth.Echolocation for communication and finding food.Sharp teeth to rip apart and chew their prey.Travel in pods for warmth and share food.Breed with other pods to prevent interbreeding.Can dive deep into water for 1 to 4 minutes.When diving deep, its lungs collapse to force air into the windpipe and nasal ducts to prevent the body from internally absorbing nitrogen.Tolerate higher amounts of nitrogen than humans. Bull Kelp adaptations:Blades of giant bull kelp optimize the balance between light interception and hydrodynamic drag in varying conditions via shape plasticity. The bulbous float at the end of the kelp is filled with up to 10% carbon monoxide gas. The gas filled bulb floats on the surface of the ocean allowing the plant the sunlight it needs.

Puget Sound

Flora and Fauna

Threats* Toxic Chemicals* Polluted Stormwater* Polluted Tributaries* Loss of Habitat* Overfishing* Shoreline Development* Oil Spills* Global warming


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