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Churchill Arms

People often refer to the pub by its name when giving directions. There is usually a sign outside the pub showing the pub's name with a picture.

Most pubs belong to a brewery. The most popular kind of British beer is bitter, which is dark and served at room temperature. Most pubs offer a complete range of beers, local and imported.

An example of a typical menu at a pub:Fish, Chips and Peas £6.25The one that got away! Cod in batter, deep fried and served with chips and peas.

British pubs are required to have a licence, which is difficult to obtain, and allows the pub to operate for up to 24 hours. Most pubs are open from 11 to 11.


The White Horse

Names of pubs interesting:

Sherlock Holmes

Rat and parrot

The Opera Tavern

Pub is short for public house!

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese


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