Public Work Administration

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Public Work Administration

Public Work AdministrationRecovery: to stimulate the economy

What was this agency?Designed to reduce unemployment and increase purchasing power through the construction of highways and public buildings.

Who were its leaders or important participants?Frances Perkins first sugguested a federally financed public works program. Then gained support from Harold Ickes, James Farely, and Henry Wallace. After having to scale back initial cost, Franklin D. Roosevelt agreed to include the administration as part of his New Deal reforms.

What happened to this agency?When Franklin D. Roosevelt moved industry toward war production and abandoned his opposition to deficit spending, the PWA became irrelevant and was abolished in June 1941.

What were its goals?Providing employment, stabilizing purchasing power, improving public welfare, and contributing to a revival of American industry.

Was it successful?During its existence, the PWA spent about $6 billion in the construction of more than 70 percent of the nations’ new educational buildings; 65 percent of its new courthouses, city halls, and sewage-disposal plants; 35 percent of its new public-health facilities; and 10 percent of all new roads, bridges, and subways.

PWA project plaque, using the name Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, on the Pine City, Minnesota City Hall

Frances Perkins, first to sugguest a federally financed public works program.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to include PWA in the New Deal


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