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Public School Teacher


Why?I chose to learn about a Public School teacher. I chose this because teacher play an important role in educating the youth of a place. Public School teachers play a role in the government because it is where their income comes from. They are also regulated by the government in terms of what they teach and when.

By: Jordan Mendelsohn

Educational Background:-Teaching Degree in a Teaching Education Program (at least a Bachelors, preferred, Masters Degree)-Teaching Certification/Liscense (distributed by state)-Any other certifications which increase specialities (the more certifications the greater pay)

Job Description: Teachers work for schools that enroll students from grades 9-12. They typiically instruct students on specialized subjects. In order to help students achieve, they must plan a curriculum, and prepare material to help students.

Colleges:Most colleges offer Teacher Education Degrees, below are a few examplesPalm Beach State College: Early Childhood EducationHarvard: Master's EducationAlabama: Undergraduate Majors

Salary Range:High: $72,297 to Low: $40,277The medium salary fo high school teachers is $55,360.

Costs of Liscense:Licensing: $125Renewal: $75

Salary:$75,297New York


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