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Public Policy Project

Why are these policies required in Nigeria?

Includes policies that intend to reduce poverty, increase employment opportunities, escalate agricultural production to boost economic growthEducation and training opportunites for women so that they can participate in economic stream

Concerned with social services and welfare state, Intended to help the needy and regulate the economy during recession periods by helping the employers, essential to industrial development

Great Britain Social policy

Established new environmental laws to reduce air and industrail pollutionIncreased liability in case of violationPreserve natural resources, biodiversity and strengthen rule of law in the area of environmental protection, and prohibition of activities with unpredictable effects on environment

Includes an economic development plan to expand healthcare and diplomatic international relationsRemoval of energy subsidies, intended to make the industries more efficientReforms in social justice, productivity, taxation and banking sectorAdvocation of privatizing most industries

Emphasize on violence related crimesReduce the number of crimes relating to homicide, kidnapping and extortionCombat violent drug trafficking Dismantle the powerful drug cartlesCreation of a paramilitary force

Nigeria: National Economic Empowerment and Development Strategy

Russia:New environmentalist policy

Iran:Economic policy

Mexico:New security policy

Increase in subsidies and governemt control over health care sectorHalt on privatization and a loose monetary policyGovernment investment and adoption of cash crops in agriculture production to trade foodstuffReduction on tariff to promote foreign investment

China:Reform policies in Economy


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