Public Parks

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Public Parks

Public parks are areas of land that are owned by government. They can range in size but are typically made up of green space. Often times, parks have playgrounds and other recrerational facilities for the public to use, such as sports fields, ponds or lakes, or trails.

Anyone in a community can use a public park, but each park usually has some rules they expect users to follow. The local government makes rules for the park so they can be different for each park. Some do not allow smoking, or some require pets to always be on a leash. The government also pays for the park to be maintained, like mowing the grass and landscaping.


There is another type of public park that is a government service, it is called a National Park. National Parks are areas of land proteted by the government so animals and nature can live safely. Anyone is welcome to visit a national park to observe the nature.


National Parks

Public parks are great for the community because they allow for a place to citizens to enjoy the outdoors. Not everyone has a yard where they live so the park is a great place to go. It also serves as a place for the community to gather for family events or sporting events.

Public Parks

A place for the Community

Yellowstone National Park


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