Public Enemy Number 1

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Public Enemy Number 1

"Public Enemy Number 1"

Alphonse Capone was at a young age when he decided to start joining gangs. Al was like any other kid who thought being in street gangs was cool. He grew up in a rough neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, and dropped out of school when he was only about 13. He got dropped out of his school because he hit his teacher, and decided not to go back to school in seventh grade.

The only time Al went to jail was for notpaying taxes for the money that he earned from his operations, about 100 million dollarsa year.

"Prohibition has made nothing but trouble."- Al CaponeCapone made prohibition big in Chicago, he earneda lot of money just by selling alcohol.

Being a gangster was being nice and friendly to the public but fierce to any rivals, to show no weakness. The federal government wasAl's biggest enemy.

"I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand." -CaponeAl wasn't on the scene of the crime the day of the St. Valentine Massacre, he sent some members from his gang to take out some of their rivals for him.

This picture along with the quote explains it all. The bat in his hand really gives him a bad guy feel to it. "Don't mistake my kindness for weakness." It makes me feel as if messing with him would be the wrong move. True gangster!

Capone moved to Chicago from Brooklyn because he saw less competition and more opportunity. Plus, he wanted his name to be known more in Chicago than in Brooklyn, and he wanted to escape because he had mudered a man. Capone became the big guy around 1925 when his boss at the time, Torrio, was hurt by attempt murder from rival gang members. It seemed like Al was more skilled, he knew when, where and how to take out his competition, he got away with every murder, and any other crime he has commited like prohibition, prostitution, etc. He was never tried for any of that because of the lack of evidence. He was arrested, though, for carrying a gun along with a gang member of his, but it was for about a month.

"You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone."-Al CaponeThis quote is one that I found funny and true. It seems like it's a threat quote.

He received his famous scar which gave him the nickname "scarface" that he did not appreciate, while working in the Harvard Inn. He insulted a girl and was then attacked by her brother. That insult must have been serious!


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