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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD)

"A debilitating condition involving a patter of flashbacks and other symptoms that occur in people who have experienced a psychologically distressing event."(Sousa pg.165)

Examplesphysical abusesexual abusewitness violencevitcim of violencetraumatic event:hurricanefloodbombingwar

symptoms1. avoidance2. change in emotional reaction3. change in thinking or mood4. intrusive memories

- may start w/in 3months- may not start until years after- cause problems w/in emotional & social relationships and work situations

avoidanceavoid talkingavoid thinkingavoid activitiesavoid peopleavoid places

emotional reaction- aggressive behavior- always on guard- angry outburst- easily frightened or startled- guilt or shame- self-destructive behavior- trouble concentrating or sleeping

mood & thinking- close relationships- emotionally numb- hopelessnessinability to experience- lack of interestmemory problems

intrusive- flashbacks- recurrent- upsetting dreams


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