[2015] Asher Hodge: P.T.Barnum

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[2015] Asher Hodge: P.T.Barnum

P.T Barnm loved making people happy. He had so many ideas for what he could do for a job. In 1825 his father died he did not like that. He thought of making a lottery like no one has ever seen. In the lottery hhe had bottle instead of money. then he found a girl he liked and married her, her name was Charity Hallett. One day he found the world's oldest woman he saw making money off of her. He made a circus. He had so many attractions then one day it burned down. HE made more circuses and they all burned down. All the people got out safe. Charity died one day. Then he had a lot of money and carelessly signed a paper where he would loose all of his money. eh made another circus and made money and had a happy life.


in 1810 he was bornfirst job was making candyin 1825 his father died1826 he moved to Brooklyn he met a girl named Chairity HallettHe moved to New York in 1834 He met her againhe made his first circus he got the world's oldest womanshe was about to die and she wanted free

P.T. Barnum accomplished making a great circus that made people laugh.P.T. Barnum succeeded in making a three tent circus so he would gain more money.He made five measumes but they burned down.

Lasting Impact

He made a lasting impact by making people laugh and the greatest show on earth is still alive to day.


The grat and only Barnum book by: Candace FlemingRandom House Children's Books 2009




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