Psychosocial Development

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Psychosocial Development

1) Begin your exploration for Erikson's theories by reading the Simply Psychology entry linked to the picture of Erikson below. 2) Next, read the Fleming chapter "Erikson's Psychosocial Developmental Stages" by visiting the link - or reading the pdf in Schoology. 3) If you would like additional insights into Erikson's theories, watch the posted video lecture or click on the book image to read the linked excerpt from Erikson's book Childhood and Society, originally published in 1950.

Resources to Scaffold Learning

Psychosocial Development

EDUC 802: Session 3

"Exploring Erikson"

Explore these resources

Simply Psychology - Erikson

Lecture on Erikson

Erikson's Eight Stages

IntroductionErik Erikson (1902-1994) spent his long and productive lifetime helping others understand human development across the lifespan. Erikson's transformative contribution to the field of developmental psychology was that he looked at the whole of the lifespan, from infancy through old age, rather than just childhood development, as many of his predecessors had done. Erikson also contributed the framework of psychosocial stages of identity development in which individuals progress through stages and associated crises in order to develop a healthy personality.

Evidence of UnderstandingTo synthesize your learning about psychosocial development, you are being asked to identify an example of one of Erikson’s stages either in a book or a Torah story and explain how the story demonstrates the particular struggle at the core that stage. More information about the assignment and posting can be found in Schoology EDUC 802 Session 3 - Finding Erikson's Stages of Development in Literature.


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