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What is Psychology? Humans are a very interesting type of species. The way we act upon an event or speak out against a circumstance is an idea we are still trying to comprehend today. Psychology is the study of what we do, and most importantly, why we do it. It has taken hundreds of years to understand jus even the basics of our own minds. The whole idea of a brain trying to figure out why a brain funcitons is very ironic. But beyond the obvious irony, there are mant different fields of psychology that have been touched on that have lead us a little closer to our answer than we were previously.

Important FiguresSigmund Frued (Psychoanalytic), B.F. Skinner (Behaviorism)

General Knowladge

PsychologyWhat is it?By: Hera Sfikas

Even though the true study of psychology has only really progressed in past one hundred years, humans have always been trying to understand how we function. Some significiant figures in the field of psychology like Sigmund Frued who devloped the theory for psycholosis, and B.F. Skinner who was one orginal psychologists to study behaviorilism, have helped the research of our own minds advance greatly. Psychology is important in the fact the the mind is the most complex thing that humans have ever tried to understand. We could unlock the potential of ourselves if we could find out the psychology of ourselves. it takes time, and avancements have been made, but there is much more to learn. We are still uncertain of why we act the way we do in certain situations, why some people grow up to be killers an others grow up to be the president of the United States. Why do some of us become scared over one thing, and others do? All these questions all dive into the realm of psychology and the study of finding out who we are. Who are we?

Final Thoughts

Psychology focus's on why we do what we do in a few different ways. There are ten different main focus's in psychology: Biopsychology Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Counselling Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Educational and School Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Gender/Cultural Psychology, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, and Social Psychology. All of these different focus's still centre in on how our brain functions when presented in a certain situation and how we can change it'soutcome by further understanding that function.

What Does Psychology focus on?

A Brief Introduction to Psychology

10 interesting Psychology Facts


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