Psychology Taste vs. Smell Experiment

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Psychology Taste vs. Smell Experiment

Psychology Taste vs. Smell Experiment

Question: Does smelling one thing and tasting another effect your ability to identify what each is?Hypothesis: If we make someone smell one thing while eating another then they will be unable to identify what they are eating and smelling.Independent Variable: Foods being eaten and smelled Dependent Variable: Subject’s ability to identify the food they are tasting and the food they are eatingControl: Eating food without smelling a different food.

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Background Information:-we read from multiple sources that the way something smells can also effect the way it tastes, so we wanted to see if changing the smell would also change the taste-we also read that the smell and taste can mix, causing confusion-in most of the research and experiments we read about, the results did show that the subjects had difficulty naming the taste and/or the smell of the foods

Materials:-blindfold-Apples -Bananas -Cucumbers-Onions-Oranges/Grapefruits-Lemons-Cheddar pretzels-Popcorn-Cheese-itz-Goldfish-Granola bar-Peanut butter-Rosemary-Hot pepper-Avocado -Vanilla extract

Procedure:1) Gather materials2) Get subject3) Blindfold subject4) Feed subject one food while holding a bag filled with another food up to their nose5) Have subject identify both what they are eating and what they are smelling6) Record data7) Repeat steps 1-6 with remaining subjects

Conclusion:Our hypothesis turned out to be correct. Even though a lot of the subjects got at least one taste or smell correct, they still had difficulty. They said the smell and taste mixed together which made it difficult to identify the specific foods. Overall, or experiment showed us that taste and smell some what rely on one another.


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