Psychology Class Final Project

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Psychology Class Final Project

Module 1

Unconscious Defense

Module 2

Alcoholic Babies

Module 3

Retrievial from the Known

Module 4

Module 5


Psychotic Psychology

By Kenna Welever

Psychology Class Final Project

By Kenna Welever

A teratogen is the name given to any chemical, disease, or other environmental factor that can harm a developing embryo or fetus. Teratogens can have severe and permanent effects on a child’s development. Each major organ or body part is most vulnerable to teratogens during its sensitive periods, or times of rapid growth. Some examples could be if the mother catches a harmful disease there is a chance the baby could be born with a defect. Also a chemical tetragon could be alcohol and babies could be born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which is a series of birth defects. This is helpful news for me because I am a women and knowing harmful things that can affect my future babies I would like to stay clear of them.

Defense Mechanisms are strategies used by the unconscious mind that help a person cope with anxiety. Although these are here to help if they are used to much they can affect a person’s ability to deal with problem that they encounter in their life. If I understand what mechanisms I use for myself, depending on if they are bad ones; I can fix them and become a better person. For example, if I was a person who uses displacement and takes my anger out on someone else who doesn’t deserve it, I’d have to fix that. I would have to find another way to cope with my anger instead of hurt someone else just because I’m angry at a little mistake that happened at work.

John Dewey’s problem solving is a seven-step procedure and is the development of an action plan. The seven steps are defining the problem, analyzing the problems, identifying possible solutions, evaluating solutions, selecting the best solution, developing an action plan, and finally implementing a solution. This would help in life because when I am in a stressful situation I tend to get a cloudy mind. Knowing the problem solving steps it could calm me down so I could solve the problems that are in front of me one by one.

Schizophrenia is, in fact, a set of disorders, each with distinct symptoms. Symptoms typically emerge in late adolescence or early adulthood either gradually or suddenly in reaction to stress. The individual has experienced a separation from reality that is characterized by disorganized thoughts, disturbed perceptions, and disturbed emotions. This is useful information because my older brother happens to be schizophrenic. Knowing what schizophrenic really is I can have an idea of what my brother is going through and be there for him in ways that will help.

You can retrieve information when you need it the most. There are three types of retrieving memory; recognition, recall, relearning. Recognize is to retrieve information with cues to help in retrieving information. Knowing this I could help create cues while I learn new information so I can easily retrieve the information. Recall means to retrieve information without cues to help retrieving the information. Relearning is to learn information again. So when you forget information but you learn it again you remember some parts of it so you learn it again but quicker and easier than the first time.


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