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Social Studies

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-Founded behaviorism-Little Ablert experiment-Mary Cover Jones reverses his work-Wanted to prove behavior was a response to stimulus response

John B. Watson

-One of the first researchers to explore and attempt to outline the the laws of voluntary learning responses-Cat a puzzle box experiment-Deveopled the law of effect-Developed basic principle of voluntary learning

E. L. Thorndike

-Founded functionalism-Tought the first psychology class in America at Harvard University in the 1780's-Interested in the importance of consciousness to everyday life rather than analysis-Focused on how the mind allows people to function in the real world

William James

-Skinner's Box-Follower of John B. Watson-Created the theory of operant conditioning-Explained how behavior is learned

B. F. Skinner

-Created classical conditioning-Salivating dogs experiment-Stimulus generalization-Russian psychologist


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