Psychological Testing

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Psychological Testing

How Psychology connects to our everyday day

Human Behavior Based on Psychological Testing

Pyscological tests are used to assess a persons' interest, attitudes, and pyschological problems. Testing doesn't determine human behavior. It is important to keep in mind what the test is measuring. The fairness and usefulness of the test depend on reliability, validity, and standardazation.

Psychological TestingAlly Coarse, Maddie Nemchek, Tara Manuel

Aptitude Testan attempt to discover a person's talents, and to predict how well he/she will be able to learn a new skill

Achievement Test designed to measure how much a person has already learned in a particular area.

Interest Inventoryto determine a person's preferences, attitudes, and interests.

Objective Personality Testsconstructed in a limited or forced choice format: that is a person must select one of a small number of possible responses and a specific scoring key is created.

Projective Personality Testincourages test takers to respond freely giving their own interpretations of various test stimuli

Personality Testassess an individual's characteristics and to identify problems and pyschological disorders, as well to predict how a person might behave in the future.

Psychologists associated with psychological testing

During court cases regarding mostly young adults, the suspect in question is usually required to take mutliple pyschological/mental tests to evaulate the reason for his wrong doing. EXAMPLES:Sandy Hook Elemantry School - Adam LanzaColorado Theater Shooting - James HolmesVirginia Tech Shooting - Seung-Hui Cho


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