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Psychiatrists are people who help people that are suffering from a mental illness.

High school subjects you could take to help you in this career are Pschology, Sociology, and Biology.

To work as a Psychiatrist you need to be able to work with anyone, friendly, flexable, and need to be good at communicating and listening.

Alyssa Richards 1/6/10

Employment outlook for the future is good.

Additional education or training required after high school graduation is college, graduate school, medical school.

Salary for less then 1 year is $78,617 - $148,5355 - 9 years is $125,367 - $142,13920 or more years is $142,139 - $181,142.

Companies or businesses I could work at are hospitals, schools, or private practices.

GOE# 02.03.01

DOT# 070.107-014

Holland Code ISA

Cluster Pschiatrist is in is Personal Services.

A Pschiatrist's working environment is in a room, comfy chair, not to many destractions and an office like setting.

Related occupations in this career cluster are marriage consuling, masseuse, and tailor.

Sources are, Enhanced Occupational Outlook Handbook, and


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