Psyche and Cupid

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Psyche and Cupid


Psyche was more beautiful than Venus. Venus, in turn, sent her son Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a monster. However, Cupid fell in love with Psyche because one of his arrows of love stabbed himself. Cupid told Psyche that she could meet him at night but that she couldn't see his face. One day, Psyche invited her sisters to her house, and the sisters felt so envious that they convinced Psyche to look at his face, so he went away. Psyche got very sad, and she tried to commit suicide. However, Cupid saved her, kissed her, and they got married forever.

Main characters:

1) Psyche: she was very beautiful and she fell in love with Eros. 2) Eros: he was the god of love and he fell in love with Psyche. 3) Venus: she was the mother of Eros and she was the goddess of beauty.4) Psyche's Sisters: they felt jealous of Psyche.5) Apollo: he helps Eros to fall in love with Psyche.

Classical Culture

Psyche and Cupid

Psyche and Cupid


- Oscar Reina Martinez-Miriam Martinez Lopez-Alvaro Martinez de la Puente Molina

Emotions in the myth: - Love- Jealousy- Anger


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