Psych Lesson 1.1

by MrsHollenbach
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Psych Lesson 1.1

Time to share ideas. Go to the assignment below and answer the following questions: 1. What topic(s) in psychology do you most look forward to studying and why? 2. What is a topic that does not sound very interesting to you? Why not?It will be interesting to know how similar and/or different you students are. But after all, that variety is what makes psychology - and our world- interesting.

Find your astrological sign and save the predictions for at least 3 days. You may search online, in printed sources or on television or radio. In any case, be sure to list the date you found it and the source of the information. Many people do not believe in astrology. You will be making up your own mind about what are valid topics to be studied in psychology and what are not. This will provide us with one example. Most WWW sites will allow you to look one day into the past and one day into the future. This means that you can look for all three days at one sitting!! Please find the most extensive horoscope that you can! Bring your 3 horoscopes to class to share!

Find an article in the news that seems to relate to psychology. (That is any topic that you already saw as part of psychology, or anything about psychologists, or the field of psychology itself.) Either go online to search and save the article to a word document or just cut it out of printed news. If you hear it on television or radio, you may still use it; just write the ideas down in your own words. In any case, be sure to list the date you found it and the source of the information. Here are two useful online sites for news: CNN and the NYTimes. Normally, you will need to go to the health and life skills sections. When you find an article related in some way to psychology, print the page. Write a summary of your article and bring your article to class tomorrow to share!!

To get a better "picture" go to your textbook. Skim (just glance through) the table of contents to see what the authors of your text think should be included in the study of psychology.


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