Psych in your life

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Psych in your life

Psych in your Life

Jeremy Peck

Positive Reinforcement- is giving something nice to Reinforce good behaviour. My parents would give me money if i got good grades.Positive Punishment- is giving something yucky to reduce bad behaviour. My parents would give me more chores if I lied.Negative Reinforcement- is taking away something yucky to Reinforce good behaviour. I am taking away ciggaretes to stop smoking.Negative Punishment- is taking away something nice to reduce bad behaviour. My parents would take away my playstation if i wasnt cooperating.

Model of Memory

4 Types of Operant Conditioning


Sensory Memory- Information received is stored here long enough to be put in your short-term memory, this is like when im at a party with alot of people and I remember the faces of who was all there.Short-Term Memory- is what you can remember after hearing something , this is where at the party i meet people and they tell me their names. I usually forget all of their names through lack of rehearsal.Long-Term Memory- is where your general storage is and the capability to permanantly remember information. This is where I see someone and I know i have met them; due to retrieval failure their names are on the tip of my tounge and usually need a reminder.

Psychological Hardiness- Im usually busy, if I have something to do I usually commit to it, I like challenge; ex. I use to play goalie in hockey and I played alot better when there was a hard team we were playing instead of an easy team. I like control too; I do not like working around someones schedule but I will if i need too.Sense of Humour-I love humour, I make alot of jokes, I try and make people laugh, I feel like I have a good sense of humour and I am usually in a good mood. Predictability and Control-My predictability and control is pretty good, I dont get mad or yell easily I like talking situations out and dealing with them instead of getting mad and yelling. My control is really good I know my self and know that I would never freak out for no reason. Social Support-I love talking to people and asking how there are if I notice they dont seem like them selves; I will ask people if they want to talk and I will listen and give them as much help as I can. I like talking to people about things that are bothering me just so its out their and not building up inside. Conclusion-Over my years I have figured out that I dont get stressed easy and if I do I have alot of self control. I look at life one day at a time and try and make the best out of it, and i dont worrie about what other people think. I live life to have fun and make the best out of it while I can.

1) Jot down symptoms you feel to recognize stress for the future, I keep a mental note of what frustrates me and what makes me stressed.2) Make sure you get 7-8hrs of sleep a night, when I go to bed at night I try and get more then 8hrs of sleep.3) Make sure you eat a balanced diet, ever since about grade 11 I have been trying to eat healthy and cut sweets out. 4) Making a set schedual for the day to follow, I have FAST at school so i have to schedule my days around FAST which gives me more time at the school to do assignments on the computer.

4 Ways to Deal with Stress


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