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Human Anatomy

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Psy350BA Project1 Gustatory Cortex



Primary Gustatory Cortex

- Area of the brain that controls the sense of taste.

The Senses of Taste

How do we taste?

Taste and smell are both Chemical Senses and have own receptors to generate the signal to send to the brain. The taste-related signal travel from the mouth through branches of the trigeminal, glossopharyngeal nerves, medulla, thalamus, and finally to primary gustatory areas of the cerebral cortex.

Taste Bud & 5 Basic flavours

The Tongue is the sensory organ to detect thetaste. The papillae the bumps on the top of tonguecontains the taste bud that allow to taste. There are 4 types of papillae, and each type havedifferent amount of taste buds.

5 Basic Flavours



A Savory taste

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"Gustatory Cortex"

Gustatory receptor cell Diagram


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