PS0003- Grassland Biomes

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PS0003- Grassland Biomes

Did You Know??There are 3 major grassland areas.Prairies are located in North AmericaSteppes are located in southern Russia, Mongolia, and the UkrainePampas are found in South America

Grassland Biomes

An In-Depth Site About Grasslands!

Learn about the dangers grasslands in North America face.

One of the best examples of interdependence in the grasslands is that of the bee and the flower! Each rely on each other to prosper!

More background info on grasslands

This link tells about all the plants and animals on a grassland!

Historically, only about 20% of land that was once grassland remains. Nearly 1.5 million square miles of grassland have been lost.

Large herds of hooved animals, such as the elk and bison once roaned the open praries of North American. Their grazing actually maintained a healthy biome!

Plants and animals native to grasslands that fail to adapt to human interference are wiped out.

This short video is a fun and exciting way to learn about grassland biomes!

Click on this picture to learn about other ways grasslands their and plant and animal counterparts are in danger

Click here to learn about Pampas

Click here to learn about Steppes

Click the play button to hear a podcast about dangers biomes face!


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