PS Strategy: Draw a picture

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PS Strategy: Draw a picture

Draw a picture

or a diagram

Drawing a picture or a diagram is one of the most common strategies we use to solve a word problem in math. It helps us to 'see' the problem and imagine what the solution might look like.

When we use this strategy we are not thinking about creating a picture as an artist - we are using symbols and creating a diagram or representation of the problem.

Four children were in line. Daniel was behind Timothy. Joy was between Daniel and Timothy. Daniel was in front of Colleen. A mud puddle was near the child who was in the back of the line. Who was in the back of the line?

Look at an example

The diagram...

First, I'll draw the line.Daniel is in back of Timothy.James is between Daniel and Timothy.Colin is behind Daniel.Colin is in the back of the line!

Steps in the procedure...

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