ps: i love you

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ps: i love you

Some people wait a lifetime to find her soul mate , but this is not the case of Holly and Gerry . School sweethearts , they felt as if they had always been together . They could finish each other's sentences and even when they argued as to who should get out of bed to turn the light every night , they did laugh. Holly did not know what would become of her without Gerry . No one knew. And so began "The list " ... as a joke. In anticipation that something bad might happen , Gerry Holly would leave a list of things to do to get by day after day.Suddenly , the young couple faces the unimaginable : Gerry contracts a fatal disease and died . Three months after his death , Holly leaves her house to collect a mysterious package that has been his mother for her. When you open it you find that Gerry has kept his word . He has made " the list " , a series of letters with instructions for each month. All are signed with a " PS I love you " .Surrounded by sharp-tongued friends and a family that loves and overprotected to drive her crazy , Holly Kennedy is a hero of our time : hesitates, stumbles , cries and laughs while opening the road to independence , to a new life of adventure , satisfaction, love and friendship.

Viviana Arbe

PS: I love you

Cecilia Ahern



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