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Songs of halloween

Halloween and meI’m English so I don’t know a lot about Halloween. I knew from when I was a kid that it was an American thing that involved pumpkins. Then I found out about trick or treat and wearing costumes. I loved the idea of dressing up in scary costumes and walking around the streets. Another early memory I have is watching the horror movie ‘Halloween’ round my friend’s house on video. I remember being scared to walk back home that night. The first time I took part in Halloween was at a school party in Japan. I shaved my head, covered it in white face paint and wrapped myself from head to toe in toilet paper. Riding a train to Osaka for the party dressed as a mummy was great fun. I still need to find out more about the history of Halloween though.

Halloween is celebrated on October the 31st every year. It originated from a pagan holiday and the Christian holiday of All Saints’ Day. The name Halloween is a shortened version of All Hallows’ Eve. Today, it is more of a fun day for children and has largely lost its religious roots. Halloween is probably most famous in the U.S.A. Irish immigrants took it to America in the mid-1600s and it slowly spread across the country. Halloween is not celebrated in many countries around the world although many people know about it. Some Christians are not so happy that people celebrate Halloween. They believe the holiday is un-Christian because of its origin as a pagan “festival of the dead.”Halloween has many easily identifiable symbols. The colours orange and black are widely used. In particular, orange pumpkins and fires and black witches, cats and costumes are common features of this day. One of the biggest Halloween activities is trick-or-treating. This is when children knock on doors and ask for a small gift. If they don’t get anything, they’ll play a trick on the person who opens the door. Food also plays a big part of Halloween. Toffee apples are very popular and so is anything made from pumpkin. Halloween is also a popular topic for Hollywood. Many horror movies have been made about it. Because of this, Halloween is now known in many countries that never actually celebrate it.




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