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Unit 2

God's promise to Adam and Eve (Gn 3:15)Protoevangelium-First Gospel (good news)Literal sense: a form of biblical interpretation that considers that explicit meaning of the text. As an etiology, it explains why snakes and people don't get along.

Abrahamic CovenantMediator: AbrahamOrganization: Tribe(Gn 12)Promises to Abraham:1. A great nation2. A great name3. Universal BlessingAbout Jesus:He is a descendant of the Father of JudaismThe symbol of this covenant is circumcisionWe are descendants of Abraham and heirs of his covenant promises if we follow him in the obedience of faith. This promise is rooted in God's unchanging truthfulness and confimed by Christ's coming.

Noahic CovenantMediator: NoahOrganization: Extended Family(Gn 9:7-11)About Jesus:Jesus initiates a new convenant extending to all the people on the earthGod created a flood to fulfill this covenant and marked this promise with a rainbow.This covenant tells us when we see a rainbow we should always keep in mind that God’s faithfulness and amazing grace. We should also be reminded that our God is holy and righteous who has a holy hatred for sin and who will not allow sin to go unpunished. forever.

Spiritual SenseSatanMaryJesus ChristSpiritual battle between Satan and God for the future of humanityJesus Christ will win the battle. Strike at hell is weakness, head strength

Literal SenseThe SerpentThe womanThe woman's offspringEnmity between the serpent and her offspringHe will strike at your head, while you strike at his heel

Mosaic CovenantMediator: MosesOrganization: Nation(Gn 19: 3-8)About Jesus:1. Faithfulness to the Law was paramount2. Jesus fulfills the purpose of the Law. Moses fulfills the promise to Abraham:1. You will be a great nation!Moses is faithful in God and helps God bring people back to God from believing in other Gods. We should always believe in God to help God fulfill the Salvation.

Cain and Abel(Gn 4:1-16)- God liked Abel's sacrifice more. Because of jealosy, Cain killed Abel. (fratricide)- First sin after The FallCain was marked by God to protect him and fulfill God's promise of saving Adam and Eve's descendantsEven though Cain sinned by killing his brother, God forgived him and protected him. This shows the great love and frogiveness of God and God's promise of salvation.

Davidic CovenantMediator: DavidOrganization: KingdomRitual Worship in the Temple> The KingsFulfills Abraham's promise:a great name/ Royalty(2Sam 7)About Jesus:Jesus the King of Kings, is from the lineage of DavidGod's covenant with David shows that the Messiah will come from the lineage of David and that he will establish a kingdom from which he will reign.

The Prophets-they are the watchdogs of the Covenant and The Law-God reveals to the Prophets a vision of a new Covenant and a new Heavenly KingdomIsaiah (major prophet)3 major parts about Isaiah:-Assryian Conquers/Occupies Israel-During the Badylonian Invasion-Conquering of Israel-Everlasting Kingdom of God will be established through the Davidic Line-Passion of ChristJeremiah-He was called to warm Judah of their pending destruction by the Babylonians.-The new testment presents the death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth as inaugurating a new covenant open to anyone who prefesses faith in Jesus and Christ.Ezekiel-This account is a figurative description of God's creation of a new IsraelOld Israel-image of dry bones, the exiles under the image of dry bones, depicting a totally hopeless situationThe new Israel is radically different: it is the resurrection for all the faithful-appointing a ShepherdIn Gospel of John: The Good Shepherd is JesusProphets are the ones who remind people when they forget about God. They keep us in mind that God is the only God we should be faithful in and we are supposed to be open to him and help him complete the Salvation.

Isaiah the Prophet

Ezekiel - Dry Bones


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