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- Gelatin desserts, hair, antibodies, spider webs, blood clots, egg whites, tofu, and fingernails are all made of protein. - Proteins are the most diverse molecules in living organisms and among the most important. - Proteins are used by living organisms to produce a variety of structures. Humans also use proteins to produce a variety of useful products. - Proteins make up more tham 50% of the dry mass of most cells. They are used as structural building blocks and, as functional molecules, are involved in almost everything that cells do.

- Proteins called enzymes act as biological catalysts, making chemical reactions proceed at a speed that sustains life.

- Proteins called immunoglobulins protect animals against foreign microbes and cancer cells.

- A variety of protein molecules help to transport materials through cell membranes and through the bodies of plants and animals. Protein carriers help move sucrose through phloem tissue in plants.

- Hemoglobin shuttles oxygen from place to place in mammals. This is a protein in a quaternary structure.

- Keratin , the most common protein in vertebrates, is a tough, structural protein found in hair and fingernails. This is a protein in a quaternary structure.

- Collagen forms the protein component of bones, skin, ligaments, and tendons. This is a protein in a quaternary structure.

- Some fibrous proteins, such as the protein in the silk that spiders use to construct their webs, contain large amounts of B-pleated sheets.The hydrogen bonds that form in the many regions of B-pleated sheets make the silk stronger than steel.

- Gastrin is a digestive enzyme in the stomach.



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