Protein Synthesis

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Protein Synthesis

Protein Synthesis

What is DNA?



DNA Replication.

What did we do?

DNA- Deoxyribonucleic AcidLocated in the Nucleus.Its monomer is Nucletiode.Nucleotide consiste deoxyribose Suger, Phoshate group and Nitrogen Base. There are 4 types of nitrogen base: Adenine(A), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C),& Thymine(T)Base pairs is when nitrogen base held together by hydrogen bounds. EX:- A pairs with T, G pairs with C.

DNA Replication is making copy of itself.Steps of DNA Replication:-1,The enzyme DNA Helicase attaches to the DNA and begins to unzips by breaking the hydrogen bounds.2. Strands are separated the unpaired bases react with free nucleotides in the nucleus.3. The free nucleotides attach forming new hydrogen bounds, enyme DNA Polymerase connects with the new nucleotide strand. As a result 2 new DNA molecules identical to the orgainal forms.

What is RNA?

RNA- Ribonucleic AcidLocated in Ribosomes and in they cytolasm.It's monomer is Nucleotide. RNA'S monomer consiste:- Ribose suger, Phospate group,& Nitrogen base. Nitrogen bases in RNA:- C binds with G, A binds with U (Uracil).3 types of RNA:-1. mRNA: Bring instruction from DNA to the ribosome in cytoplasm.2. tRNA: carries an amino acid to ribosome to help make protein.

Transcrption.It is a process of RNA made from DNA.Transcription steps:1. Enzymes unzip one gene in DNA.2.Match up bases to one side of gene in DNA.3.mRNA strand breaks away,DNA join back together.4. mRNA moves out of the nucleus into the cytoplasm.

TranslationIt's when mRNA contains message from DNA that codes for a Protein.Steps of Translation:- 1. mRNA moves out of nucleus through a nuclear pore into cytoplasm.2.mRNA attaches to ribosome.3.tRNA(transfer RNA) decodes the mRNA and brings amino acid to build protein.4.Protein detaches from ribosome and goes of two work in cell.

Codone : a group of three nucleotides on mRNA that specififes an amino acid.Anticodon:a unit made of 3 nucleotides that correspond to the 3 base of codon to form mRNA.Gene: a segment of DNA that codes for protein and that determine a single trait.Trait: expression of a gene in an observable way.Protein Synthesis: is the process of transcription and translation information gene in used to make various protein.


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