Protecting the Earth and Our Environment

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Earth Sciences

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Protecting the Earth and Our Environment

About Pollution and Global Warming

How to Protect the Earth and Prevent Global Warming (Call to Action)(Pros)

Protecting the Earth and Our Environment

One of the most important things to do is reduce, reuse, and recycle. If we reuse items, there is less demand for new items to be made. By reusing items, they do not end up in a landfill, which pollute the lakes and air. Recycling centers have less harmful ways to reuse items like plastic, glass, and paper. Regular manufacturing centers release much more environmental pollution than recycling centers.

Walking or riding your bike to school or work more often will greatly decrease the amount of methane going into the air. If more people ride bikes, and less people ride cars, then not as much metal will be used to make cars and other vehicles. Metals used to make a car are usually mined from the earth, which can devastate landscapes and cause deforestation. Another important thing to do to stop global warming is to avoid throwing paper, food, and especially plastic on the ground. Plastic bags are made of many chemicals which are toxic. These toxic chemicals can cause many diseases in animals and humans. Plastic can also pollute the air which can hurt people, animals, plants, and can eventually cause global warming.

As a student of CMSN, I am trying to increase the awareness for preventing pollution and global warming. As seconds, minutes, days, and years go on, more waste and more trash falls to the ground creating pollution and chemical contaminants. The cars that you ride in everyday let out more pollution than anything else that creates pollution. Every single paper that you throw in the trash or on the ground takes us a step closer to global warming. All of these actions are exactly what we don’t need. Following the right steps to prevent global warming is important so we can save the people, plants, animals, and the Earth. These actions will eventually lead to the extreme rise of temperature, called global warming. Only you can stop this from happening. Do it for the animals. Do it for the plants. Do it for the people of Earth.

Yash Reddy

If we don't protect our environment, our Earth will look like this giant fiery ball without any humans, plant, or animals, living in it.

If we start recycling as a team, you don't know how much of a differnce it will make.

If you give up, the animals give up. Help stop global warming for the people, animals, and plants.



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