Prostate Examination

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Prostate Examination

A Prostate Examination is a digital rectal exam, a relativeily simple test to check the prostate.

The American Cancer Society reccomends that men get a prostate exam done at the age 40 rather than age 50.

Prostate Examination

When to get it ?

What is it?

Prostate examinations are used to check the prostate because the prostate is an internal organ that cant be directly contacted, and it is checked to see if there is any cancer inside the organ.

Why is it used?

Clueless about prostate exams?? more info here!!


Who gets it?

Normal Results

MEN get prostate exams.ONLY men have prostates!!!!

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Abnormal Results

.Abnormal findings on rectal examination include areas of firmness, either localized (nodules) or generalized. Bogginess and asymmetry may also be noted.

.The normal adult prostate gland is heart shaped and weighs 20-25 g.

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